​Three-dimensional wildlife art; bringing nature’s beauty indoors

Per Order Requests (POR) & Custom Craftwork

  • Freeze drying antlers in velvet

  • Fish replicas

  • Birds in flight, standing, strutting

  • Skinning, Fleshing and salting

  • Pedestals and handcrafted woodwork​

Natural & crafted habitat displays

  • Rocks, river stones
  • Grasses, mosses
  •  Limbs, driftwood
  • Soils and terrain
  • Barn wood
  • Native Mesquite
  • Gnarled wood, pest-bored wood

Mannikin Selection

  • Shoulder mounts include standard, straight shoulder mannikin & plaque

  • Highest quality commercial options

  • Nationally recognized suppliers

  • Optional wall & table  pedestals

  • Additional fees for:

    • Optional wall & table pedestals

    • Habitat

    • Barn wood
    • Driftwood
    • ​POR mount displays


Brook Water Wildlife provides professional taxidermy care of wildlife resources to create memorable, durable, and accurate three-dimensional replicas that emphasize the natural features and anatomy of native and exotic game.  Each product is treated with respect and detailed care for display in home or show room with the personal attention of a skilled taxidermist who takes pride in properly representing each piece. Services focus on the wide range of native species game with a specialty on furbearers, wild hog, and predators.  The business includes tracking, photography, education, and conservation services and products for hunters and naturalists.

Modern taxidermy combines traditional crafts with modern techniques from a variety of working art forms.  At Brook Water Wildlife, we do not limit our services to whitetail deer shoulder mounts.  We take pride in offering unique wildlife art that requires professional skills in:
• Hide tanning, 
• Carpentry, 
• Leather working, 
• Wood carving,
• Sewing and fabric works, 
• Metal works,
• Air brushing,
• Polyurethane molding, and
• Other natural arts and industrial technologies


  • Shoulder  mounts

  • Wall Pedestals
  • Table Pedestals
  • 1/2 life size mounts
  • Life size mounts
  • Soft Dry Tanned Hides
  • European Skull Mounts
  • Antler & Horn Mounts

  • Wildlife & Domestic Stock:
    • Game
    • Big Game
    • Fur Bearers
    • Predators
    • Steer and bull
    • Snakes
    • Birds
    • Fish

Wildlife art and natural décor

  • Table centerpieces
  • Custom hides and wall hangings
  •  Turtle shells
  • Antler sheds
  • Native stone
  •  Wildlife cornucopia