​Three-dimensional wildlife art; bringing nature’s beauty indoors


  • To create unique, three-dimensional wildlife art and bring nature’s beauty indoors with quality displays and natural wildlife representations.  
  • Our craftsmanship combines traditional and modern techniques to create natural décor, habitat displays, and taxidermy mounts that have the features of authentic movement and anatomy.  
  • Each product reflects professional attention and creativity to foster wildlife preservation and respect for nature’s creatures.
  • Care is taken to ensure that only humanely and legally taken game are represented through our services.


Our primary interest is to provide you with professional, taxidermy services and wildlife art, bringing the outdoors in to your home, office, or favorite retreat, so that you can enjoy quality wildlife replications that provide:

  • Enjoyment of natural art,
  • Education on wildlife anatomy,
  • Preservation of the hunting heritage, and 
  • Continuation of the naturalist’ tradition. 


To promote the value and conservation of wildlife and the environment from which all creatures originate: clean air, clean water, and clean land.

The Hunting Heritage

At Brook Water Wildlife, we know that the hunting heritage is ancient.  Respect for our environment and the preservation of wilderness and wildlife habitat is a core principle for Life.  This respect is essential to future survival, natural enrichment, the sustenance of Mother Earth, and the enjoyment of the Great Outdoors.  Hunters engage in a respectful, primal cycle of predator and prey.  Many hunters simply enjoy observing wildlife, collecting antler sheds and other wildlife resources, appreciating just being in nature.  For us, the hunt is a valued, but small portion of the hunting heritage.  When we do take game, the tradition of taxidermy allows us to preserve and make full use of the natural resource.  As hunters, we also take pride in participating in the full cycle of life by harvesting meat sources that are humane, and typically more healthy, and sustainable, than commercial sources.

The Authentic Hunter

The authentic hunter is tuned in to nature, is a part of Creation, not against it, values the life of creatures, even as wildlife is harvested for food, hides, clothing, and other necessities.  For a naturalist, for a taxidermist, for many hunting enthusiasts, the value and beauty of wildlife resources are extended in the form of wildlife art.  The authentic hunter is respectful and is dedicated to pure conservation without waste, with total regard for the cycle of life.  The Authentic Hunter preserves, conserves, and legally and ethically harvests in proportion to the natural bounty.                  

At Brook Water Wildlife we share with you in the rich tradition of outdoor life, the authenticity of the hunting heritage, the craftsmanship of wildlife art, and the love of nature and all of Earth’s creatures.
Authenticity: This is our Vision.

Authenticity: Our Mission and Vision