Hello!  Welcome to my studio.  My name is Thomas Hollingsworth.  I am the Owner/Taxidermist and Resident Wildlife Enthusiast.

I love the outdoors and our native wildlife.  I am currently providing traditional taxidermy, wildlife art, and training workshops on wildlife tracking and identification.  I am practicing Native American Animal Tracking techniques to hone my wildlife observation and hunting skills.  (See My Close Encounters Below:  Getting Close to Wildlife)

Skills and Training

  • 2 Week Taxidermy Course, Central Texas School of Taxidermy, Snyder, Texas
  • 6 Week Taxidermy Course, Central Texas School of Taxidermy, Snyder, Texas
  • Standard Tracking Course, Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, Tom's River, New Jersey

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy & Sociology, Texas Tech University
  • Master of Arts: Philosophy & Ancient Greek Language, Texas Tech University
  • Retired from State of Texas after 30 years:
    • Adult Probation Officer
    • Adult Parole Officer
    • Coordinator Texas Parole Officer Training Academy
    • Management Development Trainer
    • HR/Payroll & Financial Systems Software Support Manager
    • Software Development Architect: Statewide Systems
    • Apprenticed Carpenter, Hunter, Outdoorsman, Tracker
  • In 2019 I will begin formal Master Naturalist Certification.

Getting close to wildlife

Spending time observing animal behavior in their natural environment is exhilarating and energizes and fascinates me.  My most interesting stalks and encounters when Not hunting or trapping:

  • Within 6 feet of a Porcupine
  • Within 1 foot of an Armadillo
  • Within 10 yards of Whitetail Deer
  • Touched several Wild Hog Piglets and within several feet of others; they brushed my pant leg
  • Within 15 yards of a Bobcat
  • Within 10 yards of a Turkey Buzzard
  • Touching and within inches of multiple Snakes, including Moccasin, Rattlesnake, Copperhead, King Snake, Corn Snake, and multiple other non-poisonous snakes.  I have hand caught Moccasin and Copperhead using the technique Steve Irvin promoted with a branchy limb.   I do not recommend such handling of poisonous snakes and only do so under very specific circumstances for relocation of the animal.
  • Within 5 yards of mature Wild Hog Boar
  • Within 2 yards of Raccoon
  • Within 1 yard of Opossum
  • Within 1 yard of Ringtail
  • Within 3 yards of a Bobwhite Quail Covey including multiple chicks;  this encounter was sustained over an extended period while the covey was feeding
  • Within 5 yards of a Coyote while I was on horseback and the coyote was running in front and beside the horse prior to diving in a hole.
  • Within 15 yards of a Badger
  • 20 yards from a Red Fox while hiking with my wife
  • Within 3 feet of a Black Chin Hummingbird
  • Touched and handled a Texas Ribbon Snake and a ​Texas Earth Snake

 I certainly love to hunt, but the rewards of being up close to predators and game in the wild are intrinsically awe-inspiring.  Regarding game,  as a taxidermist, my aim is to make every use of the wildlife resources that are respectfully taken in a hunt, for their meat and pure sustenance, for the beauty of their pelts, antlers, horns, and bones, and for the memory of a stalk or hunting experience.

We are a small business with a big passion.

You are welcome to come visit our private shop and see some of our studio pieces.  We strive for the less than common mounts and unique natural artifacts.  Call us and set up an appointment to see shoulder mounts, fish replicas, European mounts, wild hog hides, soft dry tanned whitetail deer rugs, life-sized mammals, tortoise shells, skulls, and more.

About Us

​Three-dimensional wildlife art; bringing nature’s beauty indoors